How to Play

Before you start rolling you should know the special rolls. If you roll a 1-2-3 (in any order), you automatically lose. No need for your opponent to even roll. The round ends and you have to pay up. By the same token, if you roll the 4-5-6 you automatically win, no one else rolls, you collect.

At the start of the game the wager (The Ante) should be agreed upon.

To start, all players roll the die. The higher roller (the sum rolled) goes first in the game. If there is a tie the first person that rolled the tying total goes first.

The first person rolls all three dice at once. He must roll a pair or a three of a kind. If he rolls a pair, his score is the opposite die of the pair (called Doubles). Examples: Roll 4-4-3 and you score a 3. Roll 5-1-5 and you score a 1. Roll 3-3-2 and you score a 2. So player one rolls a 3-6-3 and scores a 6. In order to win you must have the higher score.

Now player two rolls. In order for player two to win this round of Cee-Lo he must beat a 6. Since there is no single die score higher than 6, player two must roll Triples to win. Triples beat any single score. A Trip-1 (1-1-1) would beat player one's 3-6-3. The higher the triple the better. So a Trip-5 beats a Trip-3. But player two doesn't roll triples, he rolls 6-2-6 and scores a 2. Player two loses, player one gets the money wagered (The-Pot)

If no dice are matching, roll again. Some people play unlimited rolls until you get a triple or a pair (you can activate this mode from the Game Settings screen), but traditionally you get five rolls and then youíre out! The winner of the previous round rolls first in the next round. If the stakes are raised, the game starts over and all players roll the die to decide who rolls first.

If the players tie, the stakes are then doubled and all those tied for the lead pitch in more $ into The-Pot (up the Ante) then you roll again and the winner gets twice the cash!